"The days, months, and years eventually reveal, like a Polaroid, a clear picture of how significant events and decisions ultimately shape our lives." -- Hoda Kotb

How to be Smarter: "I’d rather take 20 minutes to get my life in order now than spend 45 minutes looking for my glasses prescription, 10 minutes on the phone with my eye doctor, and three days waiting until I can find the half-hour to go pick up a new copy of it." -- From this great post on the value of being organized.

How to be Prettier: SP&A Discount Code: Shopbop is having a big sale right now (up to 25% off) using code EOTS17. Two of my favorite Shopbop items that I own and love are Madewell Short Sleeve Tie Front shirt and the Superaga Gingham Classic Sneakers (I wear these all the time). The expiration date for the sale is 9/29/17. Enjoy!

How to be (less) Awkward: Not awkward, just an incredibly random/bizarrely fascinating deep dive into an Internet comment about a brownies recipe (!).