Preorder My Book "REACH OUT" & Get Special Bonuses!

I'm so excited it's September: the month my book Reach Out comes out! Reach Out is about how to create a network from scratch. It's written in a fun guide-like style, with lots of details from my own career and stories from people at all levels, from interns to CEOs. You'll learn how to use Reach Out Strategy to get your first or a new job, change industries, raise your profile at your current company, increase your business' sales, land press coverage, make friends, and/or meet your mentor.

The book's overarching case study is how I am using Reach Out Strategy to launch my new company, the podcast creation site Messy Bun, so there is an entrepreneurship component to the book as well. There's also jokes, quirky tips, and the story about the time my boss yelled at me for being on LinkedIn. (A more formal explanation of what's in the book is here).

You can preorder Reach Out (either hardcover or e-book) wherever books are sold, including AmazonBarnes and NobleTarget, and your neighborhood bookstore. 

PLUS: if you order Reach Out before it's official release date on September 29, you'll get special access to the preorder bonuses. These include a sneak peek of the book, a personalized review of your digital presence, a 1:1 call with me, and more. If you wait to order it until after the release date, you won't get access to these special items. You can see all the preorder bonuses and how to claim them here.

Finally, thank you for always being so supportive of my projects. SP&A readers are the first people thanked in the book's dedication - I know my dream of having a book wouldn't have happened without you and your support.

xo, Molly