"Step with care and great tact, and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act." -- Dr. Seuss

How to be Smarter: 23 Things I Wish I'd Known at 23. I've read a ton of these type of lists over the years, but this is one of my favorites. How to be Prettier: The Importance of a Well-Balanced Media Diet. [This is the only kind of diet you'll ever see me endorsing on SP&A!]

How to be (less) Awkward: It is always better to leave a business lunch or first date with the other person wanting more time with you. When it feels like the conversation is about 85% done and is starting to come to a natural end, start packing up or ask for the check. Better to sit a bit with the check on the table already paid than to wait until the conversation really is over and there is still another 5 minutes to fill while you wait for the check.