"Keep the color in your cheek and the fire in your eye." -- William Hazlitt

How to be Smarter: One of my favorite documentaries I've seen in a long time: 112 Weddings. Great food for thought on weddings, marriages, and relationships. How to be Prettier: SP&A Exclusive Discount Code: With the promo code “SPAstrongwomen″ SP&A readers get 20% off  and free shipping at Louella Odié! I am completely loving the look of their Skyline collection, as well as the super fun Island Life collection. Enjoy! [Expires on 8/31/14].

How to be (less) Awkward: Keep an email draft of gift ideas in your inbox all year long - when you hear or think of a great gift idea for someone, put it in the draft. Then when their birthday or a holiday comes around, you will already have a great idea ready to go.