"The accounts of this universe are probably very well kept: everything finds its place in the long run." -- C.S. Lewis

How to be Smarter: During a brainstorm for ideas, starting with a really high goal, like generating 100 ideas, helps jump-start your creativity as it forces you to think more and more out of the box as the ideas go on. How to be Prettier: The accessories you carry to business meetings are extensions of your personal brand. Put as much thought into choosing professional but nice-looking laptop bags, phone cases, and pens as you do into choosing a smart suit or nice shoes.

How to be (less) Awkward: A way to help someone feel closer to you is to have them feel like they know something special about you, a “behind-the-scenes” peek at your life, that other people do not know. Even just lowering your voice while telling a story can make it feel like the story is a unique secret you are sharing.

This was originally written for Parade magazine; you can read all my Parade columns here. xo, Molly