"The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day." -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

How to be Smarter: Use waiting rooms, nail salons, and other places that offer free magazines as an opportunity to try out publications you have not read before. You might find a new favorite - for free.

How to be Prettier: SP&A Exclusive Discount Code: With the promo code SPA15, SP&A readers you can get 15% off your order at the awesome Nautical Decor Shop. This shop is a perfect place for a holiday gift for the sailor, ocean, or beach-lover in your life. And there are other wonderful prints for the home as well - this is the one I have my eye on. [Expires on 12/31/13].

How to be (less) Awkward: You are never the most uncomfortable person at an event. Even when you are feeling unsure at a social gathering, you will always be able to look around for someone who looks even more nervous than you. Make this person’s day by going over and talking to her — she will appreciate it, and you will be able to work on expanding your skills at meeting new people so you’ll feel more confident next time, too.


P.S. I was thrilled to be interviewed by Awkward Magazine. You can check out the interview here! xo, Molly