"Sometimes the best edit is a complete rewrite." -- Jack Dorsey

How to be Smarter: Book Recommendation: The Defining Decade by Meg Jay. I am not sure what words I could say that would accurately convey how strongly I think every 20-something needs to read this book, except to say that if you are 20-something, I couldn't recommend this book more. [Even my friends that traditionally don't choose non-fiction books really loved this one]. How to be Prettier: SP&A Exclusive Discount Code: SP&A readers will get 20% off their entire order at one of my favorite jewelry sites, Astrid & Miyu, with the discount code molly20. I also did a fun interview with Astrid & Miyu where I talked about some of my favorite pieces and my daily style. [Code expires on 5/28].

How to be (less) Awkward: When I'm over-thinking about a far-off event, I remind myself of the "Weather Rule of Worrying": no worrying about an event until the event date shows up in the weather forecast.