"People who look down on other people don't end up being looked up to." -- Robert Half

How to be Smarter: 10 Signs You Deserve to Succeed. [This article is geared towards entrepreneurs pitching business ideas, but the principles apply to anyone trying to live an interesting, productive, motivated life]. How to be Prettier: To get a subtle new look for the day, switch the location of the part in your hair from where you normally wear it, i.e. changing it from the left side to the right, moving it to a middle part, etc.

How to be (less) Awkward: The same way you practice answering potential interview questions before an interview, it can calm nerves to practice answers to common small talk questions before a big party or networking event. Popular questions asked at these events include "What do you do?," "What industry are you in?," How long have you lived here?," and "How did you get involved in this cause/organization/meet the host?."