"Don't make excuses and don't talk about it. Do it." -- Melvyn Douglas

How to be Smarter: To make putting aside money easier, name the savings account with what you are saving for, i.e. a "New Apartment Fund," "Grad School Fund," "Business Idea Fund," etc. The idea of saving for something specific you will enjoy later makes it easier to put a little aside each month into savings. How to be Prettier: If you already use whitening toothpaste, I think whitening floss can also be a valuable part of your beauty routine; this is the brand I use and like. [The price looks high because Amazon sells it as a pack of 8, but the local drugstore should have it in single package].

How to be (less) Awkward: Everyone had a Day One. A Day One of their first yoga class, a Day One of their being single again, a Day One at their new job. No matter how weird or self-conscious you feel, any type of Day One you are having, other people have also had and gotten through. And after Day One, usually comes a much easier, less worrisome Day Two.