"When you are angry or frustrated, what comes out? Whatever it is, it's a good indication of what you're made of" -- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

How to be Smarter: It usually makes people feel really good to be helpful to others. So do not feel shy or embarrassed about asking for a little help, because two great things will happen: you will get the help you need, and someone will get the wonderful feeling of being helpful to another person. How to be Prettier: The key when shopping is to try to find comfortable and practical options that you also feel good about wearing, because in some situations the importance of having clothes be comfortable or practical overrules other apparel attributes. But just because you need a warm coat for winter or a pair of heels you can walk in, does not mean that you need to settle for something you do not enjoy or feel good about wearing. Take the time to find items that fit your needs and that you like to wear.

How to be (less) Awkward: If a friend shows you an email or text message she has already sent, there is no point in correcting grammar or word choice. The message has been sent, so focus your attention or advice on how she could better frame or word the next one.