"To measure the man, measure his heart" -- Malcolm Forbes

How to be Smarter: I absolutely loved The Happiness Project (which I mentioned here), and I read its newly-released sequel, Happier at Home, this past weekend. Both books are filled with tips and research to make life more enjoyable, written in a memior-ish style. If you enjoy this blog, I recommend these books. How to be Prettier: Burgundy is going to be one of the most popular colors for clothes and accessories this fall. The great thing about this deep red hue is that while it is trendy now, the color also has longer term value in your closet: the shade is festive enough to wear to a holiday party and red-enough to wear on a Valentines' date.

How to be (less) Awkward: Using someone's name when you greet them personalizes the greeting in a memorable way that makes the other person feel special. (And it's easy to do: instead of "Good morning!", try "Good morning, Katie!")