"I often feel, and ever more deeply I realize, that fate and character are the same conception" -- Novalis

How to be Smarter: "Suppose you are like me, and once you fire up your laptop to check your email, you are in danger of spending the whole morning on the Net, doing increasingly useless things...The key here is to unplug your laptop when you open your email. After a while, the battery will die. That will break the spell." [Great tip, from this article]. How to be Prettier: Your closet should be up-to-date: not in the latest trends, but in your latest body. Your wardrobe should be full of options for the body you have now, not the body you wished you had last season or the body you want to have next season. Aspirational clothing in other sizes tend to be only demoralizing, not motivating.

How to be (less) Awkward: The difference between networking and making friends.