"Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available" -- Jim Beggs

How to be Smarter: Discussion on risk and risk quotient [a Flash Friday column with Christina from 40:20 Vision that I found really interesting to write]. How to be Prettier: Songs for feeling better on tough body image days.

How to be (less) Awkward: People sometimes think that you are either awkward or you are cool, but I actually rarely hear someone described as "cool." I think the opposite of being awkward actually isn't being cool, it's being friendly. You can usually minimize being perceived as awkward by doing things that make you seem friendly and warm: smiling at others, putting out your hand first to introduce yourself, and asking the first question in the small talk game. Little things that make you seem confident and interested in others usually counter-balance most perceived awkwardness by others (even if you still feel really awkward and dorky on the inside, which is totally fine).