“When she was 3 years old on her daddy's knee / He said you can be anything you want to be” – Faith Hill, “Wild One”

How to be Smarter: Other people tend to meet you on your expectation level. If you only have the highest expectations for yourself, those around you tend to raise their own stakes to meet you. (And the ones that don’t usually fade away). Conversely, if you don’t expect much from yourself or try very hard, usually the people in your life lower the amount of effort or energy they put into you to match what you believe you are capable of. How to be Prettier: I love writing in composition notebooks, and always have one with me with a running to-do list (every day gets a page). But every morning, looking at the whole page filled with To-Do’s was stressing me out. The simple change from a larger notebook to a smaller one makes me feel less overwhelmed by the list, and I have been more selective about what is actually important enough to write down on the smaller page. As a fun bonus, I've gotten a lot of comments about the adorable mini-notebook size.

How to be (less) Awkward: One of the dividing lines between a grown-up relationship and an immature one is whether or not you fight in front of others; it’s okay to differ with a significant other but disagreements should be worked out without an audience.


P.S. This weekend I’m thrilled to be attending Texas Style Council in Austin, Texas. I’ll be a mentor at Saturday’s Speed Mentoring Breakfast on the topic “Finding Your Content Niche” and moderating a panel on “Blogging Lessons Learned” on Sunday. For Saturday’s breakfast, I’m also excited to be wearing clothes from the Austin-based pop-up shop Hunt.Gather.Style. If you’ll be attending TxSC as well, please leave a comment or let’s connect on Twitter!