"Never hope more than you work" -- Rita Mae Brown

How to be Smarter: Worrying and thinking are different activities. Worrying implies anxiety (“I just know I will throw up during my class presentation”), while thinking implies solution-based thoughts (“What can I write on my notecards that will calm me down?”) Sometimes when I am mulling something over, I remind myself “less worrying, more thinking.” How to be Prettier: In a pinch, if I am in cab or another place I don't have a mirror, I turn the screen around on my iPhone camera and use it to double-check there is no lipstick on my teeth and my mascara isn't smudged.

How to be (less) Awkward: People like to talk about what they love. That's why parents like to talk about their kids, why brides want to talk about their fiances, and why button collectors want to talk about buttons. If you're at a loss for a conversation topic with someone, focusing the questions on what they love--be it a hobby or a person--can make the whole conversation run smoother.

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