"Make room for the new you" -- Edward W. Smith

How to be Smarter: Few things ruin a relationship faster than unwarranted, nervous jealousy. How to be Prettier: In college, make sure to invest in a bedspread you enjoy looking at, because in a small, crowded dorm room, your bed will become a dining room table, a desk, and a place to sleep.

How to be (less) Awkward: A fast way to bond with roommates is to always make sure you get ready together. Even if you aren’t going to the same place, make an effort to get ready on Friday nights at the same time as them. Blast the music, ask their opinion on which shoes to wear, compliment their outfit choice, and ask if there are any cute boys they are hoping to see that night. It’s an easy, no pressure way to become better friends.

P.S. I'm speaking at the virtual Indie Biz Chicks Conference, held September 27 and 28. I'm excited for my portion, on Blogging Basics, but there are a ton of really helpful talks that I'm looking forward to learning from. Would love for you to join as well!