"Maybe you will always be/Just a little out of reach" -- "Satellite," Guster

How to be Smarter: When I first start packing my suitcase for a trip, I put a large balled-up sweatshirt that I don't plan on bringing in the bottom of my bag. Once I am done packing, I take the sweatshirt out and my bag is lighter because even though I have (probably) continually stuffed clothes in until they cannot fit anymore, removing the sweatshirt creates extra space and makes the bag that much easier to carry (plus I have room for gifts or souvenirs I want to bring back). How to be Prettier: I received this day planner from a good friend for my birthday last week, and I cannot wait until September so I can officially start using it (the planner runs from September 2011-December 2012). (Bonus points: she put it in this adorable matching gift bag).

How to be (less) Awkward: When you get to a house party, your first job is to find the host, introduce yourself if you are attending as a friend of a friend, and thank them for hosting. This is true whether you are attending a laid-back college party or an upscale cocktail party.