"As to matters of dress, I would recommend one never to be first in the fashion nor the last out of it" -- John Wesley

How to be Smarter: Don't let the amount of time you dread the task take longer than the task itself. How to be Prettier: This entire site has beautiful earrings made especially for women with sensitive ears. I often wear dangly earrings at night as they are one of the easiest ways to go from a day look to a fancier look, and the long shape balances out my round face nicely. The particular pair I just linked to is mixed metals, which I love.

How to be (less) Awkward: If a hair stylist starts cutting and they are not doing what you had in mind, speak up after one or two snips. They will (usually) be happy to explain their methodology, and you can correct-course if it is not what you had in mind. Better to say something early on in the appointment, rather than leave feeling unhappy with the way your hair turned out. A simple, "may I see how much you're cutting?" is usually all it takes for them to show you what they are doing.