"A man's character is his fate" -- Heraclitus

How to be Smarter: You can have whatever anyone else has: you just might have to work longer, harder or smarter to get it. Just remember that whatever you are aspiring to (a great career, a great love, a great tennis game) will look different in your life compared to someone else's, but that doesn't make reaching for the goal any less special or any less worthwhile. How to be Prettier: When you pour shampoo or liquid body wash into your hand, pour it into the shape of a heart. Then spend a second or two thinking about what you are grateful for and love about your hair and body.

How to be (less) Awkward: If you want to announce that you have reached a new level of Twitter followers (i.e. "I just got my 100th/500th/1000th follower!),  wait until you are 5-10 people over the number and then announce it, so even if people unfollow you after the announcement you will still have reached that goal number.