"The beauty of the past belongs to the past" -- Margaret Bourke-White

How to be Smarter: Just because you can't have your dream job right now doesn't mean you have to take a dead-end job while you wait. It's always better to be climbing the ranks somewhere, even if it is not your ideal industry, than to spend time at a job with no future while you wait for a better fit. How to be Prettier: I own these headphones in white, and I love them, but I was pretty jealous when I saw them in my favorite mint color.

How to be (less) Awkward: To me, one of the only things worse than sitting on a delayed bus, plane, or train is being hungry on a delayed bus, train or plane. I never travel without an extra bottle of water and something to snack on (plus, even if the transportation system isn't delayed, I always end up enjoying having something to nibble on).