"Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future" -- Charles F. Kettering

How to be Smarter: If you really love your major, you will stay up until 2am perfecting your essay. If you really love your work, you will be awake at 2am thinking of new ideas to bring to your boss. If you're deciding to accept a new project, ask yourself: would I want to work on this at 2am? If the answer is yes, take it on. How to be Prettier: For almost all body types, the most flattering maxi dress style is a defined waist, with a detail that plays up the dress' length. (This is a good example of a belted waist with a vertical pattern).

How to be (less) Awkward: Even if you are shy, you can and should still say something if you are hurt or offended. Standing up for yourself and your values can be just one line, spoken sweetly and authoritatively. Your statement doesn't need to be a threat and it doesn't need to be mean-spirited for your point to come across. Some examples: "Please do not talk that way to me," "I'd appreciate if you kept that remark to yourself," or "That joke is insensitive and I do not want to hear it again."

P.S.  I was thrilled to write a piece for my sorority's national blog about the positive effect sisterhood had on the development of Smart Pretty and Awkward. You can read it here.