"I like to crack the jokes now and again, but it's only because I struggle with math" -- Tina Fey

How to be Smarter: Significant others can be wonderful shoulders to lean on when times are bad, even when the 'bad times' are just the daily minor annoyances. But they should also be your biggest champions when times are good, even when the 'good times' are just the daily small wins. If you only text your sweetie when the dog gets into the garbage, but not when your class advisor sneaks you into an advanced class because she knows you can handle it, something is off. Small daily annoyances are fine to vent about, but a partner should also be excited and happy to celebrate the daily small victories as well. How to be Prettier:  "Going to the gym? Make the most of your scraped-back bun by applying conditioner to your ends. Conditioning plus cardio equals top-to-toe gorgeousness!" -- This tip and more from InstyleUK's Best Beauty Advice, where experts and readers submit beauty tips. Although I've seen the Facebook page before, and even submitted some tips to it, I just lost a half hour right now scrolling down and seeing what little tidbits other girls have contributed since I last looked at it.

How to be (less) Awkward:  Watching this makes me really happy--I love how the little guy is cautious at first, and then runs off in glee. Happy Friday :)