Happy 28 Months! (And have a cup of coffee).

Today Smart Pretty and Awkward turns 28 months old! I love, love, love writing this blog. A lot. I decided a long time ago, when the blog started to get bigger, that I would continue writing it as if only my sorority was reading it (because they were the only ones that read it for a long while when the blog first got started). So each post that I write, I'm envisioning writing to different girls I know in real life; I hope this keeps the blog feeling laid-back, relaxed, and real--just some helpful tips, observations, and fun links from a friend.

Having said that, it can be limiting to write in the rigid 3-tips-a-post formula. So today, I'd like to introduce a new feature for this blog: a SP&A email-only newsletter, a supplement full of extras for the blog's dedicated readers.

I know many SP&A readers really like the routine format of the blog, but I also get many emails from SP&A superfans who want more content outside of the three tips. I hope this SP&A supplement keeps both the blog in its pure state of 3 tips a day, and gives readers who want more content something extra and special, delivered straight to their inbox.

Coffee with Molly will come out about 5-6 times per month.  Some of  the content I have lined up for May includes outfit posts, links to my blogroll, responses to reader-relationship questions, a guest post by one of my favorite people (my sister!), discounts to online boutiques, and a top ten list of my all-time favorite tips. (And if you hit reply on any Coffee with Molly email, the response comes straight back to me--I'm looking forward to being able to exchange emails with reader-friends each issue).

The supplement will cost $2.23 a month, which is paid through your Amazon account. The price is $2.23 a month because that is the price of a cup of coffee at the place I get my coffee each morning; I want the newsletter to feel like a cup of coffee with a friend.

If you read this blog, if a post has encouraged you to think differently, if you have found out about new sites you love via this blog, or if you find yourself quoting a post in everyday life, I really hope you will try Coffee with Molly. I want SP&A to remain a huge part of my life, and hopefully a small part of yours, and this newsletter will help support that goal. The first Coffee with Molly comes out on Tuesday of this week, and I look forward to your feedback.

You can subscribe here. Thank you!

xoxo Molly

P.S. And, in case you like data, here about some Smart Pretty and Awkward analytics as we enter our 28th month together:

Number of RSS Subscribers: 2100+ Number of Twitter followers: 1500+ Number of Facebook fans: 8900+ Number of Bloglovin' Followers: 300+ Number of Reader Emails I Get Per Week: 50ish (You can always shoot me an email at molly@smartprettyandawkward.com)

*And a special thank you to my Twitter followers, who were so great this past week in helping me refine the Coffee with Molly idea.