"Do I have to tell you more?/She came back to the boy next door" -- "Ballad of a Teenage Queen," Johnny Cash

How to be Smarter: When making a decision that I want others' input on, I like to reach out to a combination of friends, family, and acquaintances or networking connections with specific subject matter knowledge. My friends and family offer feedback that is more personal ('I don't think you would do well with that choice because of your [personality trait]'), and the experts give a broader picture overview ('that career move is strong because the field is growing rapidly'). Merging the personal and the big picture outside perspectives helps create clearer feedback for the decision. How to be Prettier: A loose tissue tee becomes an on-trend new classic in a neon color; I've been finding a surprisingly high number of occasions (read: for three days straight this week alone) to wear this hot pink tee (which came into my life via my Easter basket!).

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