"Regardless of who you are or what you have been, you can be what you want to be" -- W. Clement Stone

How to be Smarter: You have to walk the balance, each week, each day, each moment, between what will be good for you in the long-term and what will be enjoyable in the present. Some days the focus is 90/10 on the long-term (spending the day at work so you can afford the weekend getaway), and some days the balance will be tipped the other way (letting the laundry sit in the hamper one more day while you curl up with a favorite book). How to be Prettier: In honor of upcoming Earth Day, classically-shaped, bright earrings made from recycled glass windows.

How to be (less) Awkward: Below is a basic HHH (Hi, How are you, Host) outline to use when leading off a conversation with someone new at a party or social gathering. This method works for both new friends and potential romantic interests.

1. "Hi, I'm _____!" (shake hands, they will introduce themselves too)

2. "How are you?" (they will most likely say something nondescript like 'good' or make some sorta funny joke like 'fighting my way through the crowds for a piece of cake'; react to what they said, i.e. "I know! It's packed in here!") Then transition into...

3.  "So, where do you know [Host's name] from?" (If they are part of the host's family, ask what the host's hometown is like; if they are from the host's office, branch off into a discussion about that line of work; if they are from the host's sports team, comment on what sports teams you play on or follow, etc.)

From there, you are off and running in a conversation with someone new; at that point, just remember the LLL's: be Lighthearted, Listen to what they are saying, and try to keep them Laughing.