"Another word for creativity is courage" -- George Prince

How to be Smarter: 6 Tips for Traveling. [From someone who did what I think a lot of us wish we could emulate: travel abroad extensively in her 20's, on her own money]. How to be Prettier: It's tempting to buy tons and tons of warm weather items now, but if you hold out six weeks you can take advantage of the Memorial Day sales. Dig through your closet for summer pieces from last year you might have forgotten about, and focus on those for the next month until sale time.

How to be (less) Awkward: If you and a friend are making plans for dinner but are feeling indecisive or sheepish about being the one that makes the final choice, split the duties: have one person come up with a few dining options, and the other person picks from that list [works whether you are planning on heading to a restaurant or cooking at home].