"There comes a moment when you have to stop revving up the car and shove it into gear" -- David Mahoney

How to be Smarter: When letting someone choose what gift you will get them, ask them to give you a few different options. That way, the present is something they like but also somewhat of a surprise since they won't know the exact item you chose from their list until they open it. How to be Prettier: If you took a little break from moisturizing your legs over the winter because they were hidden under layers all day, this week is the time to get back in the swing of taking good care of your legs and feet so they are ready for their unveiling as the weather warms up.

How to be (less) Awkward: The moment when you take the drink off the Starbucks counter and, after taking a sip, realize it isn't yours, happens to everyone at some point in their coffeehouse career. Being friendly and upfront, turn to both the barista and fellow customer and say: 'I'm so sorry; I took this drink thinking it was mine, and after I sipped it I realized it wasn't. May I buy you a new one?'