"But when the Godiva is gone, the gift of real love is having someone who'll go the distance with you. Someone who, when the wedding day limo breaks down, is willing to share a seat on the bus" -- Oprah Winfrey

How to be Smarter:  You are selling Valentines Day short if you focus on making it only about having one special person. The holiday is also about showing your love to lots of special people in your life (or at least that's how I celebrate it). Why don't you send flowers to your  mom? Or leave adorable little Valentines on your roommates' beds? Or give chocolates to your department at work? Valentines Day gives you a great excuse (like you need one...) to be a sweetheart to others in the middle of a long winter. How to be Prettier: Valentines Day gifts to send via care package to a far-away friend or sister: gloves, belt, sunglasses, snuggle sweater, and tights (which are so subtle, they might be work appropriate in some offices).

How to be (less) Awkward: On Valentines Day, sign all your cards to family and friends "Your Admirer"...because it's no secret you admire each of them. For bonus points, list some of the things you admire about them.