"Not huffy or stuffy, nor tiny or tall, / But fluffy, just fluffy, with no brains at all" - A. P. Herbert

How to be Smarter: People that give "it's too hard" as an excuse for not going after their dreams are not worthy of what they want in the first place. How to be Prettier: To preserve items while washing them, make sure you close all the buttons/snaps and turn the clothes inside out. This will keep fewer buttons from falling off, and help the item to fade less.

How to be (less) Awkward: Offbeat paintings of the U.S.'s leader.

PS: Happy birthday, Kelly! Your friend Kasia emailed me to wish you a happy birthday on the blog because she knows you enjoy reading Smart Pretty and Awkward, and wanted you to know you "deserve a lovely birthday!" She writes, "I could tell you about her prestigious internship or her success in the classroom, but it's Kelly's big heart that make her a wonderful friend."