"And in a thousand years and a thousand tears/ I'll come back to my original crew" -- "I Feel Home," OAR

How to be Smarter: Try to avoid being only “one away” from something. You don’t want to be one paycheck away from being broke; you don’t want to be one fight away from ending things with your boyfriend; you don’t want to be one pound away from being at an unhealthy weight. Try to build a little cushion into your life and relationships so that you can mess up a little—spend too much on a new dress; accidently pick a fight over nothing; eat 3 slices of chocolate cake—without it having a huge impact on your living. How to be Prettier: I hate the idea of wearing a color called army green; it sounds unpleasant. So even though army green is a trendy color this fall, I'm calling it olive green, and only wearing it on girlie pieces: a dramatic nighttime dress or a Hello Kitty top (also available in red).

How to be (less) Awkward: Unicorns Can Be Jerks.