"Kiss me and you will see how important I am" -- Sylvia Plath

How to be Smarter: Every relationship deserves a dignified end. If you break up with someone over text messaging, you didn't deserve to have a significant other in the first place. How to be Prettier: I'm not really a baker, but if I was to start, this cooking set would be the first thing I would get.

How to be (less) Awkward: It can be tricky when there is a set of multiple doors in a row, and you are traveling behind someone and they are holding each door open. You can play this two ways: one, thank them each time as you go through a door, and, by the last door, are giggling with them at the silliness; or two, thank them loudly the first time and then catch their eye and smile at them for each subsequent door. And finally, a way I'm not sure I'd always endorse, cause it can be tricky: don't thank for the beginning doors, but, at the last door, announce, giggling, "thank you for being my doormen!" And if they like the joke and respond, offer to tip them in a kidding sort of way. This is tricky though; not recommended for everyone.

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