"If you would have a good wife, marry one who has been a good daughter" -- Thomas Fuller

 How to be Smarter: If someone was talking badly about your best friend, you would defend them. If someone downplayed your little sister’s accomplishments, you would correct them. You always stand up for people, and are loyal to people, that are important to you. So if someone is speaking ill or incorrectly about you, correct them. Nicely. But correct them. Don’t be afraid to be loyal to yourself and your intelligence and your heart—stand up for yourself. You know what you are capable of better than anyone else. How to be Prettier: Combining fashion and literary pursuits, books that are purses.

How to be (less) Awkward: One of the biggest compliments someone can give your relationship is to say that you are not a “clingy couple.” Clingy couples always seem insecure to me—like they are clinging to each other because they don’t have many other friends, or are afraid one of them might stray. Be an independent couple. Trust the other person to make the right decisions when you are not around. Remember that spending a weekend night apart every now and then isn’t fatal. And every once and a while, fall asleep without having a goodnight phone call. If you are with the right person, they will still be there to answer your good morning text the next day.