"There are fish in the sea better than have ever been caught" -- Irish Saying

How to be Smarter: Learning how to ask questions in a respectful manner is just as important as learning how to answer questions in a sweet way. Instead of phasing it, "Why are you acting like a total brat?" try "Are you upset about something? You are not yourself today" (this works for both children and bosses). Or, instead of "If you don't get me flowers for our anniversary THIS is over!" try "I loved the flowers you got me last year--you were so thoughtful to remember purple was my favorite color! I hope I am as lucky this year." How to be Prettier: Dressing up a little for the first day of classes shows everyone--most importantly yourself--that you take your schoolwork seriously. There will be plenty of other days you can snuggle to class in leggings and Uggs.

How to be (less) Awkward: Mondays are hard for everyone--so why wouldn't you send out a silly mass text to your friends wishing them a happy start to their week and giving them a laugh with a inside joke?