"FEAR is an acronym in the English language for 'False Evidence Appearing Real'" -- Neale Donald Walsch

How to be Smarter: Relationships are like vases. They can break apart in two main ways: one, they develop so many unfixed cracks that one day when you go to take them off the shelf they just turn into a million little pieces in your hands; and two, they are solid with only a few little cracks, but one major event makes them crash to the floor and break everywhere. But if the vase is strong enough, and has enough support, the little cracks can learn to fix themselves, preventing the first way a relationship can break. And the cracks haven't been allowed to get too big, when one major event happens and it falls to the floor, the cracks will already know how to fix themselves, preventing the second way a relationship can break. And, please note, that if a relationship is a vase, always be sure to have a pretty flower in it. How to be Prettier: It is now December, which means it's offically time to start hunting for your New Year's Eve dress. This is my pick, in the magenta/pink. Sunday Brunch Dress, the site the dress is from, is also Smart Pretty and Awkward's first-ever Featured Business of the Week.

How to be (less) Awkward: Not everyday of anything is the coolest. Not every work day will you solve a company crisis, and not every date will you spend the whole time laughing and telling each other embarrassing yet endearing stories of your childhood and walk home hand in hand. But that's okay. Sometimes you need the less cool days--just the normal days--to appreciate the extra cool ones. And the good news is, a few normal days in a row usually means a few extra cool ones are right around the corner.