"I took the Polaroid down in my room/I’m pretty sure you have a new girlfriend/It’s not as if I don’t like you/It just makes me sad whenever I see it" -- "Tire Swing," Kimya Dawson

How to be Smarter: Several studies over the last few years show that chewing gum increases concentration and alertness. So don't feel bad about chewing a piece while studying for a test or working on a hard assignment for work! How to be Prettier: To create a flat line down your jeans when wearing tall boots, put a pair of men's high socks on and tuck your jeans into them, and then pull on the boots.

How to be (less) Awkward: Don't worry if you miss the 9 o'clock train; you can always run and catch the 11 o'clock. This has less to do with making travel plans, and more about not panicking if you feel like you have "missed" an important life step everyone else is taking. You can always go to grad school; you can always get married; you can always get a really important job. These types of things have no real deadlines and the opportunity to catch a train to one of those destinations will always be there when you are ready.