“For her fifth wedding, the bride wore black and carried a scotch and soda” -- Phyllis Batelle

How to be Smarter: Everyone is a little bit of trouble. Some people are trouble in obvious ways, like being too good looking. And some people are trouble in less obvious ways--they hold your heart in their hand and you haven't realized it yet; they have no obvious flaws, instantly making them that much harder to break up with; or them in your life makes your life instantly so much better that you get so nervous they will leave you. Just know that everyone is trouble-you are trouble, too--but it doesn't always have to be bad thing. People that are a little bit of trouble are the ones you need in your life the most. How to be Prettier: Sometimes wearing an all-over patterned dress can be intimating. If you are nervous to dive right into an all over flashy pattern, try a beautiful patterned bag.

How to be (less) Awkward: A celebrity has a private life. If you are lucky enough to see a celebrity going about their private life, in a non-publicized setting, please be respectful and give them their space. You may, however, mass text your friends "Jimmy Fallon is next to me in line and I am geeking out" while looking cool and trying to figure out if you could ever have a shot with him.