"No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars" -- Helen Keller

How to be Smarter: The "In Case of Emergency" Campaign is working to make more people safer. The idea is to put an entry into your cell phone entitled "ICE" ("In Case of Emergency") that lists the numbers of someone the paramedics can call if you are an accident. In my entry, I put the usual suspects (parents, siblings) but because none of those people live in the same city as me, I also included two numbers of friends who live in the same city as me, with the rationale that if there was a real emergency, they could come get me faster. How to be Prettier: I don't think it matters if your socks match under your boots.

How to be (less) Awkward: Over reliance on boyfriends is a problem. The only person responsible for making sure you have a nice day is you. Why would you want to delegate that responsibility to anyone else, including a cute boy? He can certainly make your day better, but he shouldn't be responsible for your day's happiness.