"And if you were a telephone/You'd still be off the hook" -- "Moshi Moshi," Brand New

How to be Smarter: When you are sick, you don't take your temperature every five minutes because the tiny movements of degrees don't matter as much as the overall picture. Similarly, sometimes, you will be 92.3% happy, and sometimes, you will be 92.9% happy. Do these tiny differences of degree mean anything? No, its the happiness level over time that matters. Look at the big picture instead of thinking that one disagreement with a friend or a bad couple days at work is a reason to rethink everything. How to be Prettier: Leather jackets are hot this fall. I like them in the classic black with details like studding, and the less traditional shade of brown.

How to be (less) Awkward: Good or bad, new feelings can be scary. "I think I might love this person"; "For the first time, I am lonely"; "Everything is changing after being the same for so long." Gently remind yourself that maybe the fact that it is a new feeling is scarier than the feeling itself.