"I've done things you've only dreamed about/More than once or twice" -- The Sounds, "Rock and Roll"

How to be Smarter: The more volume you have or produce--whether it be blog posts, good ideas, or boys you've dated--the more a slip-up or mistake is ignored. I.e. if you've dated one loser, but a million winners, people forget about the loser. If all you've ever dated is one loser, your sample size is so small that he stands out. How to be Prettier: In reference to yesterday's post, the reason you don't want to cut cuticles of your nails is because it opens your nails up to infections. Actually, according to my research, in some states, it is illegal to cut cuticles in a licensed nail salon.

How to be (less) Awkward: I am not a scientist. However, whenever I do something awkward, I frown quizzically and tell people "not to mind me, I'm just working on a theory." For some reason, people always buy this. Or they pretend too. I really have no idea.