“Please do not have a fit in the fitting room. Your fashion life begins there.”-- Florence Eisemen

How to be Smarter: All financial advice can seem so complicated and long winded. It all boils down to: Live within your means, save for retirement, have an emergency fund, and pay off credit card debt. If all four at once seem daunting, your goal should be to start doing one more of those things a month, and, after four months, you should be on track, doing all of them. How to be Prettier: This tank is so cute, and monogrammed, and on sale. And you can wear it over a tight floral tee shirt or long sleeved shirt for a hippie vibe as the summer turns into fall. 

How to be (less) Awkward: Awkwardness is a mental state only; it is not physical; and you create it in your head. Remembering this is helpful in a state of uncomfortableness.