"You love Fun-Dip and cherry coke/I like the way you laugh when I tell a joke" -- "Summer Girls," LFO

How to be Smarter: You know how at work, sometimes people send you emails that are complimentary? You send your boss an update about a project, and he responds with "Great work on this. Keep it up," or a client tell you she appreciates your "diligent follow-up"? Save those emails in a folder in your inbox, and on days when things are not going your way, flip through it. Call the folder something unassuming, such as "Orientation Materials" or "HR forms." Calling a folder "Compliments" looks weird when your computer freezes, as it always does, and the strange IT guy remotely logs into your computer and paws through your emails. How to be Prettier: Studs are huge this fall. Studded shirts, corset belts, and shoes are what everyone is wearing. An example of studded flats I love, but you can find the style for much cheaper.

How to be (less) Awkward: Just because it is too hard to say the words, out loud, doesn't mean they shouldn't be said. Find a way to email your thoughts, or text them. Thoughts and worries and concerns are always valuable, regardless of the medium in which you say them.