"Well, I screwed it up real good, didn't I?" -- Richard M. Nixon

How to be Smarter: On Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of drinking coffee and eating a bagel with Lisa Barham, who writes one of my favorite series about, among other things, fashion forecasting (www.agirllikemoi.com). Lisa said one of my new favorite quotes to reference, "we are not one-dimensional." She said it after I explained that sometimes my interests seem so divergent and like they shouldn't go together in one person, and she said it so simply. We are not one-dimensional. I like that.  How to be Prettier: No vending machine food. Think ahead enough and bring 5 apples to work on Mondays. You don't need the vending machine in the break room, and neither does your heart and your body.

How to be (less) Awkward: You are an adult; you shake hands with everyone and you stand up to greet people. And you let old women off the elevator before you, and you give your seat to people that need it on the subway.