"If there is a heaven for me, I am sure it has a beach attached to it" -- Jimmy Buffett

How to be Smarter: When a drop of water falls on some people, they look down so they don't get more wet. When it falls on other people, they look up to see where it is coming from. If you look up to see what might hit you in the face, you can usually avoid it. If you just cover your head and don't find out what really is falling on you, it will just keep raining on you. How to be Prettier: It is summer. You have beautiful legs. And you are getting older, and, realistically, they will probably never get better. Show them off. 

How to be (less) Awkward: Everybody cheats a little in life. Whether is spray tanning or slightly embellishing the truth about what you really do at your job (fact: everyone spends part of their working day on facebook), don't be the kind of person that calls people out on tiny lies. You know they aren't naturally blonde, they know they aren't naturally blonde, who cares?