"Be candid with everyone" -- Jack Welch

How to be Smarter: Two facts: 1. Life is not always predicable, and that makes most people nervous sometimes, including me. 2. In the commercialization of the world, many of the brands and products you can buy in one place you can buy anywhere. Combining these facts, I create little routines for myself no matter where I am. Before I get on any bus, I always buy the same brand of pizza Combos. When I feel sick, I always buy the same brand of gingerale. I know any Starbucks will give me a tall hot chocolate before a job interview, and iced coffee soothes my nerves before a date. In a world, or even cities, where everything feels unstable, create tiny little ways of making your body feel the same and calming your mind.  How to be Prettier: I'm not a relationship expert, but the only truth I see replayed over and over again is if they leave you once, they will leave you again. Even if they come crawling back, even if everything seems different the next time, even if they put a ring on it. If someone can walk away from you once, they can walk away from you again.

How to be (less) Awkward: There are certain foods that should not be eaten at your desk at work  because of the smell. Tuna and Indian food are two of them.