"I think that playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends" -- Kate Spade

How to be Smarter: Never travel, especially on a bus or an airplane, without a cozy, lightweight scarf. It can be wrapped around your neck if this temperature inside is cold or the air conditioning is blasting, it can be used as a pillow if you want to take a nap,  and, in general, it is just a snuggly little item that will remind you of home. How to be Prettier: Fourth of July is coming up soon--get those outfits ready. This is one holiday where you must wear the appropriate colors--red, white, and blue. 

How to be (less) Awkward: After the predicable relationship meltdown and breakup, it is never okay to ask a friend, "are you still not over him?" It sounds uncaring and, after hearing someone ask that, most people will shut down and not tell the truth anyways. A better way to phrase it, if you must ask, is "how are you doing these days?" In general however, I advocate people coming to you with their thoughts.