"I feel like I have to have a voice" -- Debbie Harry

How to be Smarter: Non-smokers come off as smarter than smokers--a 1989 study in the British Journal of Addiction said that the social image of the young female non-smoker is perceived as wiser then a young female smoker. Stop smoking today.

How to be Prettier: It takes 20 minutes for your mind to process that your body is full. Eat foods that take longer to eat and chew, as it will slow down the amount of food you can put in your mouth before your mind processes your stomach is full. For examples, eat oranges that need to be unpeeled and pistachios that need to be de-shelled. You can also eat with chopsticks to slow down the food-shoveling operation.

How to be (less) Awkward: First rule of dating is "no forcing." You can't force someone to like you, to be more funny, to be more romantic, to go on a date or to take care of you when you feel sick. They need to want to do these things. Otherwise, let them go--the universe has other plans.