"There are only two seasons -- winter and baseball” -- Bill Veeck

How to be Smarter: Whether a student or a young professional, join your occupation, or the occupation you want to get into's, organization. For example, the finance club at your college, the Society for Human Resource Management, the National Student Nurses Association. This both connects you with industry news and is a good resume enhancer.

How to be Prettier: Crest Whitestrips are extremely effective but are also expensive. For a quick teeth whitener before a night out, rub whitening toothpaste on your teeth, let sit for a few minutes (five to ten), then rinse off.

How to be less Awkward: The MOST awkward thing you can ever do is call a moment awkward. Do not make the awkward turtle hand sign, do not say "wow...this is awkward," never imply in a public setting that something is awkward.