"All love shifts and changes" -- Julie Andrews

How to be Smarter: Don't be caught looking unproductive at work. If you need to pause for a second, don't just sit there. Open up on your screen on of Microsoft's help tutorials (office.microsoft.com, click on "Help and How-to") on a software program your office either has or is thinking of getting. If your boss sees you, explain you are brushing up so you will be better prepared when the program rolls out. Its mindless reading and your brain can think of something else while you are doing it. 

How to be Prettier: Leave three bites on your plate after every meal. Think of the calories saved over one day, never mind after a week or a month. 
How to be less Awkward: Stay classy. Don't drink soda from a bottle, especially when sitting at your desk at work. Pour it into a paper cup.