"I've never dropped anyone I believed in"--Marilyn Monroe

How to be Smarter: Studies show people that use simple language concisely are perceived as smarter then those that use long words and write for length. Furthermore, using easy to read fonts also makes you appear smarter then using fancy lettering types.

How to be Prettier: Hot water dries skin out fast, making it crack. Try to use cool water when washing hands and warm water when showering.

How to be less Awkward: Don't steal someone else's table setting at a nice dinner. Remember the words "spoon," "knife" and "drink" all have five letters, just like the word "right." Therefore, spoons, knives and drink glasses on the right side of your entrée plate are yours. The word "left" has four letters, as do "fork" and "food." So all forks and plates with food on the left side of the entrée plate are yours.