“May the luck of the Irish be there with you”--Irish Blessing

How to be Smarter: Being able to do correct mental arithmetic, including percentages, is a key success driver in almost every industry/college major. Practice yours on any number of online sites, including here: http://www.netagency.co.uk/keyedin2/mental.html

How to be Prettier: Run your toothbrush over your lips in little circular motions to exfoliate them. This will make your lips appear smooth and redder.

How to be less Awkward: Saying hi to the person you sit next to in class only once does not make you more social. You must say good morning to them everyday; you must talk with your roommates every night at dinner; you must call a family member everyday. Then, these social routines will become a habit, increasing your comfort level, allowing you to branch out further both within your relationship with that person and other people.